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Progresser, apprendre en trail, en Ultra Trail et en Montagne.

Faite confiance à votre entraîneur, Vincent Delebarre

My missions :

  • To help you to better understand trail running specifities.
  • To target the best of possible to reach the goal ou goals.
  • To build an adapted tranning plan.
  • To optimise the performance. 

Les moyens :

  • To identify myself to you
  • To set an interactive communication in real time.
  • to adjust regularly the trainings sessions because of your feed back.
  • Take into account the environmental constraints.
  • By phone, by mail, by eventual meeting if possible.

Your coach :

  • UTMBwinner
  • Diagonale des fous winner
  • Templiers winner
  • ... and a lot of other ones !

A more than 30 years racing experience and a more than 25 years animation experience like a professionnal. An experience of a lot of different activities in endurancy sports with 10 years in triathlon, 15 years in cross-country skiing and also in multisport raids.  A national title in orientation. EmbrunMan, 4 th - France Champion in winter  - Transjurassienne, 15 th - Raid Gauloise

High mountain guide, Ski insctructor, Sport coach



Date de dernière mise à jour : 14/07/2021