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Who is your guide ?

Img 0145Vincent Delebarre 52 years old, 2 children.

STEM's animator is a high mountain guide since 2004. Ski instructor since 1998. Sports coach since 1995.

He is also an expert in trail running from the point of view of his knowledge of this activity, which he has been practising since the beginning in France (Les Templiers 1995).

Sports instructor and passionate about training, he is particularly keen to distinguish and make the sportsmen who trust him distinguish all the particularities of the discipline and especially the differences with classic running. 

He is also a champion in the activity by being, for example, one of the rare trailers to have won the three major events that are the Templars, the Diagonale des Fous and the UTMB®. He is also the only one to have achieved three podiums in each of them!

What also characterizes it is its longevity. Showing that you can stay performing for a long time while preserving your health. He is also particularly motivated by the way he approaches his favourite outdoor sport(s).

It is also a rich experience in various endurance sports such as triathlon; he achieved a 4th place in the Iron-Man of Embrun (Embrun-Man) in 1995, as the snow triathlon; title of French champion in 1993, as the multisport raids (participation in the Gallic raid in 2000 in Tibet-Nepal), as well as in cross-country skiing; He finished 15th in the 1993 Transjurassienne, as in Biathlon (an experience of this fabulous sport during 4 seasons in the French Cup) and in orienteering raid where he won the French Cup 5 times with his teammate Robert Monshein. Winner also of the Ancilevienne the famous Run&Bike race of the Annecy Lake...

Finally, to love the mountains in general and all these different alpine or other massifs, he also loves the sea but lives in his country of heart, in Chablais, Haute-Savoie, in Abondance. And if he lives there it is because he loves this area and he likes to make it known.


Last edited: 2020-05-09