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The question on the world event !

Col bonhomme neige

I had the joy (and some pain too) to have been able to participate in about ten editions, as well as the TDS. I also had the joy of contributing a little bit to its organization at the beginning of its history, our history.

I won't answer the question. Who am I for that? A sportsman with some experience, some knowledge of course...

BUT here's what I think:

The Organization is the union of intelligent and responsible people. At the moment they are meeting day and night to make the best decision, motivated solely for the interest of all the passionate people that we are and that they are. The municipality, the communes, the countries linked to the event are all involved in this serious decision, if any. Even we are solicited to give our opinion with the survey. That's great! Thank you UTMB!

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I have full confidence in our GOs! And if the race is postponed, it's because everything has been measured. If it takes place, perhaps restricting the number of races, then all the safety conditions will have been assessed as good and acceptable. 

And if it happens I say that it is largely possible to arrive ready for this physical challenge and the form it requires. There are 4 months left to train! Four months !!!! In 2004, when I was very fit, I remember I started my serious outings at the end of June. Indeed I had just finished my final training course of guide. Of course the approach walks were part of my endurance building but it was not ideal. In short this argument of lack of time following our confinement does not hold in my humble opinion. 

These pictures of these landscapes that our beloved Tour offers, we will see them again. Let's dream of the next more clement times here or elsewhere, everywhere where we will find our freedom even more cherished. For the time being, let us preserve our health and that of our surroundings.

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On the side of my training courses like the UTMB, and all the others like the GR20, I have more than an opinion but my decisions to take. Already I know that I will propose many more private training courses to 1 person or groups of the same family, by the day or over 2 days, in France, on accessible terrain that I would have professionally evaluated as such. No refuge, bivouacs or a small chalet lost in the mountains, in short the return to the roots.

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Respect for UTMB. Respect for your patience and relativization of the thing. It's only Sport as they say. Yes, but still it's a hell of a thrill!

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