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  • How to train during the Corona crisis in Trail Running

    La Diagonale des Fous you know? Who does not know! Even if we haven't done it yet. To do at least once in your Trailer Life, if you can afford the Travel and if you feel the capacity. I had the chance to browse it 7 times and always with happiness and even that I did not manage to cross the saving line of my sweet madness. WE ARE THROUGH A SACRED DIAGONAL IN THIS PERIOD! So before going crazy from going around in circles I have a few ideas to cross it without too many obstacles. This is what I am going to tell you.

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    This image where I am seen (trying to) jump like a kid does not date from today. I have no right. You neither. Nobody ! It expresses I find FREEDOM. The one we have more. But it's just like that. You can read both ways. It is up to us to adapt, I think. And this is how I do it and also my vision of things here:

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    I just wanted to share this exceptional moment with you already! Meet a horde of male ibexes. Right now I can't be with them but what I can say is that they don't care. Even if there they are peaceful (maybe because I am too) you can imagine how they are at the moment. Nature has taken back its rights and all its beings benefit from it. We are certainly part of it, but society dictates its rules to us. For his good, to the Company. So let's keep ours. How did I say:

    At the moment sport is incidental. Let's keep our well-being by putting things into perspective. Playing sports: we don't have the Covid in us. Otherwise we would feel it, moreover I think I have felt it a little lately. If we are lucky enough not to be infected, let's call a spade a spade, so yes we have to move. And how is a trailer moving at the moment? I'm just going to tell you about my situation. So we train for a goal. Always. And maybe just to feel good, both in your body and in your mind. And then he has the competitors, You, me. This first objective of well-being through physical action, energy expenditure, prevails and for each of us, competitions or not. COMPETITION OBJECTIVE. I love. And you ? It is in my genes, in the genes of many and we know that the values ​​conveyed are all honorable. BUT THERE ARE NO COMPETITIONS! It is just there that we must adapt and feed on the essentials: Sport first to feel good. To feel alive, to feel alive (ESPECIALLY NOW). In short I repeat what I just said. I therefore insist. BUT the competitions will return. In my opinion, we just have to say to myself that I move while preserving my skills. BUT the endurance skills to last several hours? Well those we put them behind the ear. You know the rules like me. HOWEVER, oh how wonderful this opportunity to do otherwise is. It is an opportunity to strengthen or soften. Since we do not do enough in a clear period, here is finally the obligation and this great opportunity to rebuild its bases. PERSO, I also redo more intensity. Just right. Just what I was no longer doing enough by mistake (conscious error I am a coach; he is still the poorest coordinator). It is clear that I am improving my endurance sharply over 1 hour. This reboost will be used when all of this is behind us.

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    While waiting for better days, Tchin! I give you an appointment here on the blog to talk about internships. Obviously I am also touched like many of you. But I have proposals. Do not hesitate to tell me a particular subject that interests you and which we could talk about here.

    Above all, be well.