• Training in despite of the crisis

    On March 13, 2020 the ski resorts closed. And mine too. Also I ended my teaching season of alpine skiing. Finished for beginners, ski touring initiations, crazy rides off-piste with the free-ride course ... The season stopped 5 weeks before time. The Crisis of the Corona Virus not only reaches its target in the heart, what I say in the lungs of the most unhappy, but it also hurts a whole system. This is what I am going to tell you.

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    ALEA JACTA EST! Oh we're not going to make a cheese toput (from Abondance, that's where I live), and here we are, right from the 15th of March at the summit of Mont de Grange with my son and 2 friends and nevertheless colleagues of my IS F. A rather technical ski touring both up and down and at the same time bucolic especially at the top with a nice pic nic on the orientation table and decorated with a seven peaks, the most famous beer in the area and precisely opposite the Dents du Midi which has the oddest number of peaks.

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    The next day The Nation was confined! And even the whole world!

    No more attractive summits like mermaids of Nature that we love so pure. The air is suddenly impure. Finally, only the one that comes out of our lungs. If they are sick of this little end-in-the-train in the shape of a crown with peaks that protrude from everywhere and that will annoy many of us. We stop the conquest of the useless so nicely described by Lionel Terray in his book: The conquerors of the useless. Whoever wins us over is COVID! 19 I don't know why but we don't care about his last name! It is there and there! It's not that little there! And my companions of the late 6th Battalion of Alpine Hunters will know what I mean.

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    This is my training background at this very special moment. It is inevitably around my home, less than a kilometer away, and as we are in Haute-Savoie, the prefect even asked me not to climb too high: 100 meters maximum drop above my sweet home! Om̐mmmmmmm!


    Sport is not vital but improves Life
    COVID is lethal and can end the same life
    We are but a small thing
    TRAINING, subject of this blog post, is secondary
    Long live Sport and I worship it but above all LIVE LIFE, and I need it

    I will meet you for the next post to really talk about how to adapt your training and why especially. Particularly for trail running practitioners of whom I am the first to be passionate! Do well.


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